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Solid result

TIKSAN GLOBAL provides a solid result to all parties to the transaction from selection to implementation.
We analyze each participant: readiness for a transaction, financial and material resources, experience in foreign economic activity, no restrictions on the transaction

Scale and connetions

Search for unique offers: terms of payment, cost, logistics. The team constantly analyzes and selects the best offers for our clients.

Connecting the world to the world

We are building a global system for exchanging resources with benefit and value for everyone.

13 years of experience in international markets.

Since 2010, the Team has been developing its own business areas, including in international markets. Greater observation allows you to effectively build partnerships.


Our Product Portfolio

TIKSAN GLOBAL deals with a comprehensive array of commodities, serving various sectors including energy, metals, agriculture, and construction. Our offers include:

  • Petroleum and Gas
  • Precious Metals
  • Rare Earth Metals
  • Steel and Aluminum
  • Coal
  • Pipeline Natural Gas
  • Copper
  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
  • Phosphates and Potassium
  • Forestry and Paper Products
  • Agrochemicals
  • Construction Materials

Electrolytic Manganese Metal

Streamline Your Electrolytic Metallic Manganese Sourcing with Tiksan Global!
As a leading global commodity provider, Tiksan Global facilitates seamless contracts for electrolytic metallic manganese. Connect with top suppliers, ensuring competitive prices and timely delivery. Partner with us for hassle-free transactions!

Ferrochrome, Chrome Concentrate, Chrome

Secure Your Ferrochrome, Chrome Concentrate, and Chrome Sourcing with Tiksan Global!
As a leading global commodity provider, Tiksan Global connects you with top suppliers in South Africa for ferrochrome, chrome concentrate, and chrome. Ensure competitive prices and timely delivery. Partner with us for hassle-free transactions!

Recycled Aluminum

Secure Your Recycled Aluminum Contracts with Ease!
As a leading global provider, we streamline your access to top-quality recycled aluminum. Trust us to connect you with reliable suppliers, ensuring competitive prices and timely delivery. Partner with us today for hassle-free transactions!

Cathode Copper

Copper cathodes are foundational in the electrical industry, used in the production of high-quality wiring and electrical components. TIKSAN GLOBAL sources copper cathodes from reputable mines, ensuring high purity and conductivity to meet the demanding standards of our clients.

Scrap metal

As part of our commitment to sustainability, TIKSAN GLOBAL trades in metal scrap, providing recycling solutions that contribute to resource conservation and environmental protection. Our metal scrap offerings include steel, aluminum, and copper scrap, serving as raw materials for new production.

Oil products

TIKSAN GLOBAL is a key player in the global petroleum market, offering a wide range of petroleum products including crude oil, gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Our strategic partnerships with major oil producers ensure a steady supply chain and competitive pricing for our clients.

Commitment to Excellence

At TIKSAN GLOBAL we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality products. Our expertise in logistics and international trade laws enables seamless transactions and delivery, ensuring client satisfaction across the globe. Join us in forging the future of global trade and services.


We strive to create the best conditions for productive and comfortable work of our team

Extensive experience

We are able to work in dynamic markets due to our extensive experience around the world.

Focus on the goal

We are able to work in dynamic markets due to our extensive experience around the world.

Well-established supplier base.

We work with a wide range of goods and services.

Long-term relationships.

We know how to develop in partnership.


We establish business connections and contacts around the world. We will always find a way in.


We are looking for solutions for any task.

About us

TIKSAN GLOBAL operates on the principle of building lasting relationships and fostering mutual growth.
Our concept is straightforward: we succeed when our partners do. By prioritizing long-term partnerships over short-term gains, we aim to create a network where every member benefits.

Our approach is based on shared values and prosperity, and on ensuring that as we grow, so do our partners.

This practical philosophy drives every aspect of our business, from marketing to services, making us a trusted and reliable partner in the global marketplace.

Charity project "Heart of Business"

At the beginning of 2023, our company launched the Heart of Business charity project, uniting 9 non-profit foundations of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which consistently solve many social problems of society, contributing to the public good along with state support.
The technological platform we have developed offers comprehensive information about these funds, allowing each user to easily select an organization to support and immediately make a donation through the site.
The large-scale charity project was created with the intention of ensuring consistent support from the business community. Our goal is to inspire entrepreneurs and residents of Krasnoyarsk to actively participate in charity, turning it into a part of their daily lives, as well as to support accredited NPOs in implementing their plans. Although the minimum contribution has not been established, a symbolic fee of 10 thousand rubles is offered for business participation, which emphasizes their commitment to the ideas of the project.
When the efforts of residents are united, they turn into a powerful force capable of doing significant things. We expect that the project will be able to attract tens of millions of rubles, but for the full implementation of all non-profit projects an amount of 32 million rubles will be required.

Sergey Kim: “Business is service. These are concrete results. This is what makes people's lives better."
Over the past year, the Heart of Business project has managed to attract many partners who provide support to funds and help spread the culture of charity and patronage in society.

A+ Club is a business accelerator aimed at helping companies and residents to break through their own potential "ceiling", enter the international market, and grow to an A+ level. "A+ Club" is a community of like-minded individuals focused on enriching each other with knowledge, ideas, experience, acquiring tools and strategies for building a stable, profitable business. Moreover, not only the founder becomes a resident, but the entire business and even the family. We launched the "A+ Club" business accelerator because we are practitioners. "A+ Club" compresses 15 years of the founder's entrepreneurial experience – Sergey Kim – into 5. Entrepreneurship is a creative and proactive way of thinking. If something is missing, we come up with a way to fix it. To achieve ambitious goals, it's important for us to be surrounded by strong businessmen and systemic companies that share our values and technologies. That's why we grow them ourselves. Our goal: To unite 1000 of the most progressive companies in Russia, the CIS countries, and the world. To bring them to an international level. Every resident of the club – to be an A+ category company within 3-5 years. Mission: To nurture true market leaders who create irreparable benefits for their teams, partners, clients, country, and the world.
Club values:

• sustainability and social responsibility
• professionalism
• openness and trust
• innovation and creativity
• mutual assistance
• development of leadership qualities



TIKSAN SPORT PRO Championship is in the DNA of the TIKSAN GROUP company. The company systematically develops the corporate sports project TIKSAN SPORT PRO. Sport is an important part of the corporate culture of the multi-format international group of companies TIKSAN GROUP. That's why the Tiksan Sport project was launched in 2020. It was the first launch. In 2021, it was decided to participate in a half marathon. Run 21 km. 27 people took part in the event. As a result, everyone had a great time, especially from the joint training. Since then, employees participate in sports events annually. In 2022, it was decided to complete 3 disciplines: 1 - run a half marathon 21 km, 2 - cycle 100 km, 3 - swim 2 km. Essentially, this is like a triathlon, only the disciplines are not performed consecutively but on different days. A team of more than 20 people successfully completed these disciplines. After which it evolved into a new branch, Tiksan Sport PRO. Tiksan Sport PRO is a team that specifically engages in triathlon and completed a half Iron Man distance of 113 km in July 2023. 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling, and 21 km running in one day. — The Tiksan Sport PRO project is our pride and superpower. For several years now, we have been taking first places among corporate teams in Krasnoyarsk in half marathon races. Since TIKSAN GROUP is a company of champions, we decided to take a new peak and participate in the top start in Russia - Copper Rider, which takes place in St. Petersburg, — says Sergey Kim.

This sport requires dedicating a lot of time to it – before the competitions, the Tiksan Sport PRO Team actively trained for 6 months. The training sessions were 5-6 times a week. Therefore, corporate sports help to unite both on the sports field and at work. Those who are ready to engage in triathlon are people with perfect time management. As of 2023, more than 150 employees are involved in sports. 15 people, who strive for the highest achievements and represent the company at major competitions. In the Krasmarathon Heat, the TIKSAN GROUP team has maintained corporate leadership for the second year: 24 employees covered a distance of 21.1 km, 13 people ran 10 kilometers. 12 children of employees participated in a 2-kilometer race. This is an absolute record in corporate sports among all companies in Krasnoyarsk.

In 2024, the Company launched the project TIKSAN SPORT. BREAKTHROUGH POINT, the goal of which is to form a strong group of businessmen, entrepreneurs, top managers, and champions in life! Prepare the group for 1/2 Iron Man. The company is confident that achieving big goals in business is possible with the help of sports. The coaching staff consists of titled athletes: Ivan Titov, Alexander Titov, and Raphael Ismailov. Thanks to a comprehensive approach and the professionalism of the coaches, each participant learns the correct technique of running, swimming, and cycling. A strong environment with a unified goal is formed. Already now, at this moment, regular training sessions are underway. Participants will understand who they really are, learn to manage their time, and develop willpower.
Thanks to sports, thinking changes significantly, understanding of life improves, loyalty from the company increases, colleagues become more united, Tiksan Sport helps to discipline life, shows how important a goal and focus on this goal are to achieve it. And making it into the TOP 200 Forbes has become even more realistic thanks to Tiksan Sport. If non-professional athletes were able to complete a serious discipline in a short period of time, reach the finish line, and become Champions of Tiksan Sport, then they can do anything in life.

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